Custom-made insoles

Many needs, a good ally

Acos Medica is a reference point for the production of custom-made insoles made according to the patient’s needs. Our workshop produces fully customized orthotic insoles to correct and / or compensate a problem and improve the patient’s quality of life.

ACOS Medica

Our services

Depending on the problems of the individual patient we create:

  • corrective insoles with the aim of correcting a problem in the developmental age, until the musculoskeletal system is able to respond to external stresses. This category includes  orthoses for children who,  by means of wedges, spacers or supports, are able to modify, in the best circumstances, the presence of some problems such as flat foot, hindfoot pronation, forefoot varus, genu valgum.
  • analgesic insoles :designed with the aim of reducing, limiting or eliminating the pain triggered following an ongoing problem. They are generally made with soft materials in order to cushion or unload the impact in a certain sore point. They are made for people with advanced stage osteoarthritis, deforming arthritis, gout, diabetes, severe circulatory insufficiency or in any case those circumstances in which the foot complains of severe intolerance.
  • biomechanical insoles, the most complex orthoses to make. The realization of a biomechanical orthosis makes use of an in-depth study that evaluates the history and symptoms of the disease in progress, the range of motion of the joints and observes the march.